Chinese Dance

Welcome to CAAM Chinese Dance Theater!

The heart of dance, the soul of China.

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater (CDT) is a performing arts and dance academy dedicated to preserving and celebrating Chinese cultural heritage. Every year we connect more than 10,000 audience members and nearly 200 dancers to the heart of dance and the soul of China. Please join us for our annual Chinese New Year’s Production, summer camp, a workshop or residency, school outreach, Spring Recital, or community performance!

 What’s New!

Community power! Your generous contributions brought nearly 600 kids to our Weekday Matinee. With your support these young people can now take it to the next level by attending our award-winning summer camp! Please click here to learn more.


 There’s more!

Our Dance, Our Dreams (追梦-圆梦) was a big success! More than 2,400 people attended our week-end shows or weekday matinee.  Thank you for coming!

Spring Classes Have started:  It’s not too late to join! Click here to register.  Don’t forget Summer camp! Click here to learn more!

Congratulations to …

CAAM CDT, for being selected “Best Dance Studio” and “Best Summer Camp,” 2017, by Eagan Sun Thisweek readers!

CAAM CDT dancer Annie Bai who, along with her brother Andrew, took 6th place at the US Figure Skating Championships (juvenile pairs)!

Board member Wei Liu, 3M’s Volunteer of the Year! This award was very much deserved.

Artistic Director Teng Laoshi, for choreographing and directing 2 students to Gold Awards at the Midwest Regional Overseas Taoli Cup!


CAAM CDT is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization supported by the generous contributions of foundations, businesses and corporations, and—especially—individual contributors! Founded in 1992, we are the oldest and largest Chinese Dance company in the Midwest. CAAM CDT has enjoyed remarkably stable leadership since its inception and currently serves under the artistic direction of Lili Teng, a world-renown choreographer and teacher. We currently have more than 160 students enrolled in dance classes at our Saint Paul and Richfield campuses. Our youngest dancer is 18 months old, and our oldest dancer is 64 years old! Curiosity and interest in this captivating dance form are the only prerequisites for taking one of our classes. Prior dance experience is not required, and one does not need to speak Chinese.

In addition to traditional year-round dance instruction, CAAM CDT offers two summer camp programs with optional language immersion, customizable workshops and residencies, and interactive educational programs. Our annual Chinese New Year’s production at the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium is the highlight of the Chinese New Year in Minnesota. CAAM CDT also performs year-round at various festivals and events. We are also available for private bookings. CAAM CDT is a division of the Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM), which in turn is the oldest and largest Chinese American community organization in Minnesota.

Chinese Dance:
Chinese dance draws from more than 56 diverse ethnic groups and is based in traditions extending more than 5,000 years. Every movement and dance is imbued with centuries of meaning, history, and cultural overlay. While challenging to master, Chinese Dance is also great fun! Think of it as ballet, modern dance, rhythmic gymnastics, martial arts, acrobatics, and more, all rolled into one. The costumes are usually very colorful, and many dances use props, such as fans, swords, ribbons, long sleeves, umbrellas, and hats. There are two broad categories of Chinese Dance: Ethnic or Folk dancing and Classical or Traditional dancing. CAAM CDT teaches both.

Our Mission:
CAAM Chinese Dance Theater is dedicated to preserving and celebrating our Chinese cultural heritage and enriching the cultural life of all Minnesotans through the universal language of dance.

In this spirit, CAAM CDT is pleased to offer free and low-cost performances throughout the year. In order to receive the most up-to-date information about upcoming performances and events, please follow us on Facebook by clicking