Chinese Dance


Artistic Director, School Principal, Outreach Director, and Dance Instructor:

Lili Teng (滕莉莉)
In a career that has spanned more than 40 years and across two continents, LiliTeng has distinguished herself in dancing, teaching and choreography, with many of her works winning national awards in China. Earlier in her career, she was a lead dancer in such productions as Thunder Top Pagoda (Lei Fen Ta), Flowing North Xian River (Xian Jiang Bei Qu), White Hair Lady (Bai Mao Nu) and Salute to the Li Man Mountain (Li Man Song). She turned to teaching and choreography in the 1970s, directing many national and provincial television dance shows, including the dance drama Hwai River Legend (Hwai He Fon Qing), the opening ceremony of the National Short Performance Competition and the 1999 National Mid-Autumn Opera Show. After she arrived in the United States in 1999, she has continued to create and choreograph dance dramas and teach at CAAM Chinese Dance Theater. Her artistry comes through in Descendants of the Dragon and Beloved Land, two major productions that won rave reviews when they premiered in the Twin Cities. Her cumulative skills and artistry shine through her newest work in CAAM CDT, Quintessence, which features classical dances evoking the beauty and harmony in nature and its relationship with people. Teng choreographed the Happy Evening by the Spring River, in which the young couple bids farewell. It is a graceful and tender dance, a segment in dance drama, Butterfly Lovers. She also choreographed the dance, Little Wu Dan, which features the mighty prowess and heroic characters of Chinese Kung Fu. Teng currently is an instructor, the principal, and the artistic director at CAAM Chinese Dance Theater. She also teaches Chinese dance to students and teachers at XinXing Academy in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Dance Instructor: Ying Li (李滢)
Ying Li graduated from Shenyang Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Traditional Chinese Dance Education. She loves children and teaching dance. She started her dance teaching career right after graduating from college. Li was a teacher and choreographer of traditional Chinese dance in Children Palace in Dalian, China for six years, responsible for all the teaching, choreographing, physical and artistic training, and production performance. As a superintendent of kindergartners for Children Dance Program in Dalian TV Center, Li organized and coordinated the dance programs in numerous live TV shows. Ms. Li was also an artistic instructor in basic ballet, body line, and modern dance in Dalian Modern Model School for teenagers. Li has won many awards both on her own dance performance and her teaching and choreographing works. She was honored the Gold Award on the dance “Little Girl by Huaihe River” and the Outstanding Creative Award on the dance “Little Heroin” in Harmonious Spring Festival Evening Gala hosted by China Central TV (CCTV) in 1999. In 2001, her dance “Ying Chun Hua Ban” was awarded with Gold Award in the Dandelion National Youth Talent Selection Completion. Li earned the title of 2002 Outstanding Teacher of Children Art Training in Dalian in 2002. She was entitled the Outstanding Instructor Award in Sino-Japan-South Korea International Youth Arts Exhibition in 2006. Since 2008 Li has been teaching at CAAM CDT. She also teaches Chinese dance at Minhua Chinese School, Yinghua Chinese School, XinXing Academy, and CAAM CDT Rochester School in Rochester, Minnesota.



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