Chinese Dance


For almost twenty years CAAM Chinese Dance Theater has brought high quality dance arts at least annually to a professional dance stage with a program appealing to audiences of all ages.
CAAM CDT engages both its dancers as well as new and returning audience members with a featured theme each year, derived from myriad of Chinese cultural symbols, values and references.
Bringing dance forms to the stage from many diverse ethnic traditions as well as evolving dance arts of the modern day, CDT has grown its audience every year. We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming Performances

Annual Production:

China the Beautiful -From the Mountains to the Prairies

January 2012

One of the longest-lasting and indomitable cultures in the world, the Chinese civilization holds timeless appeal with its characteristic values of loyalty, dedication, compassion, prudence, and reverence.

In a continued celebration of the profound legacy and enchanting beauty of Chinese culture, CAAM Chinese Dance Theater will mount a magnificent artistic production titled China the Beautiful Part II in 2012. Join us as we journey through China to experience thrilling parades on the Loess Plateau along the Yellow River, tender romance on the Mongolian Grasslands, spicy passions of the Sichuan Basin, and the soaring spirits of the Himalaya Highlands.

Teeming with rich cultural diversity and extraordinary artistic expressions through classical, folk, and contemporary music, costuming and dance, China the Beautiful Part II will provide the perfect occasion to celebrate Chinese New Year 2012 in the Twin Cities.


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