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About ‘Ode to Flowers’

The CAAM Chinese Dance Theater will perform a formal production that showcases a high form of Chinese culture in a harmonious blend of dancing, painting and poetry. Ode to Flowers will pay tribute to flowers that hold special meaning in Chinese classics and artistic traditions. The 90-minute public performances will include dancers ranging in age from 6 to adult, an all-new repertoire, guest artists and a guest musician. There will be two public performances on Saturday Oct. 4, 2008 at 7:00pm and on Sunday Oct 5, 2008 at 2:00pm at the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul.

All dances will feature new choreography that will be performed for the first time in Minnesota and, unlike previous CDT productions, they will be a fusion of classical Chinese and contemporary choreography.

Ode to Flowers is an ambitious production, one that would provide the community with a window into the depth and range of Chinese cultural expressions. We want to shift beyond the common themes of Chinese New Year and Chinese zodiac to artistic expressions that define a higher artistic and literary culture within the traditional Chinese society. The four main elements of poetry, calligraphy, painting and dance illustrate the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

Click Here to Read China Insight news article “What a Beautiful Flower!” Nov 3, 2008

What a Beautiful Flower!
“As the performance proceeded, the audience was so absorbed by the artistically arranged and multi level of presentations simultaneously presented by the dancers, accompanying music, colorful costumes, colorful lights and stage effects.”

“This year’s performance was a great success. It has enriched our community cultural life and people’s understanding of Chinese civilization. “
- China Insight, 03 November 2008

中國舞蹈學校公演 觀眾驚豔
新穎的舞碼、出色的背景設計及鮮艷的服裝,讓1000多位觀眾留下深刻的印象。 …每一支舞蹈都流洩著中國古典舞蹈的神韻, 又時時晃動著現代舞的身段, 印證出中國舞蹈學校16年來的成長。”
- World Journal newspaper, 世界日報 記者高從霖 10/17/2008

Lotus Tips

2008-CAAM-064 chinese-painting-lotus-flower-LF5522
(Photo: Jianhua Yan, Painting: Jin Ling)

A Tale of Lotus Lover

A Tale of Lotus Lover
by Zhou Dunyi, Song Dynasty (1017-1073)
There are too many lovely flowers in the world.
Tau Yuan Ming in Jin Dynasty loved only chrysanthemum.
People usually were interested in peony since Tong Dynasty.
However, I do like lotus which is clean even being in the muddy pond.
It is so pure, delicate and bright.
The lotus is consistent, continue and coherent deep inside.
It appears to be straight, proper and honest..
It gives a fantastically good smell and people could even sense its excellent smell far away.
It has no unnecessary branches.
It can be only appreciated distantly but not touched blasphemously.
I am convinced that the chrysanthemum is a recluse while the peony is a rich and the lotus is undoubtedly the sovereign.
We seldom find someone loves chrysanthemum like Tau.
Who show the enthusiasm in the lotus in the same way as I do?
Then who likes peony? Almost everybody!

宋代 周敦颐 (1017 –1073)


Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom
by Wang An Shi, Song Dynasty (1021-1086)
At a wall corner some plum trees grow;
Alone against cold white blossoms blow.
Aloof one knows they aren’t the snow,
As faint through air soft fragrances flow.


(Photo: Jianhua Yan, Painting: Lee Ching Kuang)

Peonies: The Fragrance of Heaven

Peony Admiration 賞牡丹
by Li Zheng Feng, Tang Dynasty 李正封
The color of nation intoxicates the morning,
The fragrance of heaven dyes the dress at night
(*nation-color, heaven-fragrance is synonymous with Peony in China after this poem is created)


Peony Admiration 賞牡丹
By Chinese Poet – Liu Yuxi, Tang Dynasty 772-842 劉禹錫

The herbaceous Shao-Yao in the front yard is bewitchingly low class*
The lotus in the pond is clean but lacks feeling
Only the Peony has the real colors of nation
During bloom time the capital city is shaken
(*Shao-Yao is actually very beautiful, only to be downplayed by the poet in favor of Peony)



(Photo: Jianhua Yan, Painting: Chuen Yue)

(Photo: Robert Kasten)