Chinese Dance


China the Beautiful: Part I

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2011 China:  the Beautifu (Part I)  印象中國之一 (地理)  AD: 滕莉莉  1/22-23/2011 The O’Shaughnessy Auditorim at St. Catherine University  Production SM:  Shuling Lai  SM:  Mary Zorn
  Yunan and Guizhou   五彩云貴  
01 Colors of Spring   紅是紅啊綠是綠 R: Teng Lili
02 Silver Necklaces  銀項圈 R: Teng Lili
03 Qeej Hmoob Dance (Guest group)  
04 Fern Leaf Bamboo in the Moonlight  月光下的凤尾竹 R: Teng Lili
05 Dancing with Bamboo Boxes  跳弦 R: Teng Lili
  Fujian and Taiwan (Southeastern China) 闽台抒怀  
06 Scents of the Hay     稻草香 R: Teng Lili
07 Dancing with Mountains and Oceans  与山海共舞 C: Teng Lili, Li Ying
  The Delta of Yangtze (South Central China)   江南春秀  
08 Willow Trees  杨柳轻扬 R: Teng Lili
09 Vivacious Spring Madness  俏丫戏春 R: Teng Lili
10 Praising the Lotus  咏荷       R: Teng Lili
  Songs of Notheaster China 黑土  
11 Happy Childhood  关东虎妞 R: Teng Lili
12 Yange Greeting the Spring Festival  欢天喜地秧歌情 R: Li Ying
13 Finale:ChinaChina  我爱中华  Gust Artist:  Ruofei Xu (Sichung Change Masks) C: Teng and Li Ying