Chinese Dance


China the Beautiful -From the Mountains to the Prairies

January 2012


One of the longest-lasting and indomitable cultures in the world, the Chinese civilization holds timeless appeal with its characteristic values of loyalty, dedication, compassion, prudence, and reverence.

In a continued celebration of the profound legacy and enchanting beauty of Chinese culture, CAAM Chinese Dance Theater will mount a magnificent artistic production titled China the Beautiful Part II in 2012. Join us as we journey through China to experience thrilling parades on the Loess Plateau along the Yellow River, tender romance on the Mongolian Grasslands, spicy passions of the Sichuan Basin, and the soaring spirits of the Himalaya Highlands.

Teeming with rich cultural diversity and extraordinary artistic expressions through classical, folk, and contemporary music, costuming and dance, China the Beautiful Part II will provide the perfect occasion to celebrate Chinese New Year 2012 in the Twin Cities.

2012 China: The Beautiful – From the moutinas to the prairies (Part II) 印象中國之二 (地理) AD: 滕莉莉 1/21-22/2012 The O’Shaughnessy Auditorim at St. Catherine University Production SM: Shuling Lai SM: Mary Zorn
01 Prelude 序 Choreographey: Teng
  The Loess Plateau黄土高坡  
02 Drum Chant 鼓唱 R: Teng
03 Butterfly Passion 蝴蝶春情 R: Teng
04 Papercutting Girl 剪紙姑娘 R: Teng
  Himalayan Highlands 高原放歌  
05 Charming Mulberry Blossoms格桑梅朵 R: Teng
06 Red Goji Berries 枸杞子紅了 C: Li Ying
07 Love Song of Kangding 溜溜的康定溜溜的情 R: Teng
  Sichuan Basin 巴山蜀水  
08 Peppery Girls 麻辣乖么妹 R: Teng
09 Spirited Hua’dan 俏花旦 R: Teng
10 Opera Kids 梨园俏妞妞 R: Teng
  The Great Northwest Region 塞外风情 R: Li Ying
11 Rendezvous at the Mongolian Festival敖包相会 R: Li Ying
12 Heavenly Grasslands騰格里塔拉 R: Teng
13 Harvest Season 丰收时节 R: Teng
14 Finale China China 愛我中华 C: Teng Lili & Li Ying