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Two Winners for the 20th Anniversary Logo Contest

Two Winners for the 20th Anniversary Logo Contest


We had two winners for our 20th Anniversary Logo Contest.  Two excellent designs with two distinct approaches and purposes.

The first winner was an original drawing by Kathleen Jiang. In her own words, she states,

“In order to commemorate the 20 years of CAAM CDT’s progress, I thought it appropriate to illustrate the growth of the dancers literally. From left to right, the dancers are not only growing in age, but also in passion and technique. Finally, the last panel shows a dancer of the previous generation leaving the picture, but a young second generation dancer entering the picture.

While the dancers are an important part of my design, my center of focus is actually of the tree. Yes. There is only one tree. If you look carefully, all of the branches connect between the four panels symbolizing the four seasons. This not only shows the commitment of the dancers throughout the four seasons, but it also shows the passage of time and the growth and develop of the dancers, as well as of CAAM CDT. The fact that there is only one tree comes to signify the unity of the dancers and of the organization, as well as our dedication to our roots. In general, the tree can be taken as a metaphor for the far reaching and intricate Chinese culture.

I’ve had so many wonderful experiences at CAAM CDT and have grown so much through my experiences here. I hope that my design is able to show others the significance of CAAM CDT in the community.”

We will be using Kathleen’s design for the 20th Anniversary t-shirt, the recital program cover, and possibly for a banner that will be used an various anniversary events.

The second design was conceived by by Betty Rasmussen and created by Julie Lindstrom. This design features the number 20 composed of red-ribbons.  The perfect way to celebrate 20 wonderful years.  This design will be used in conjunction with our main logo.

Congratulations to both our winners. Be sure to look for these designs throughout our anniversary year.

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