Chinese Dance

Annual Chinese New Year Production

“Better than CCTV’s Chinese New Year Show!”

-audience member, 2017 “Keepsakes: A Chinese Love Story (青花缘)”

CAAM CDT is honored to have partnered with the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium for almost 20 years to bring spectacular, dazzling Chinese Dance to Minnesota audiences nearly every Chinese New Year since 1998. Past productions have sampled from the dance traditions of multiple Chinese ethnic groups, celebrated the beauty of flowers, and explored the intersect between Chinese drum traditions and dance. Every production is a fantastical, colorful explosion of sound, music, and artistry.

Click here and here to learn how this West St. Paul family incorporates CAAM CDT’s Chinese New Year Production into their annual celebration.

Our 2017 production, “Keepsakes: A Chinese Love Story (青花缘)” was our most successful performance yet, with record-breaking attendance and wildly enthusiastic audiences. This world premiere explored the tensions between romantic love and tradition at the turn of the Ming Dynasty and asked, “Can love win?” If you missed the show, see an intro video.

Highlights from the 2017 Annual Production, “Keepsakes: A Chinese Love Story (青花缘)”

Coming January 2018!

Look to our 2018 Production for a 25-year retrospective of the “Best of CAAM CDT” as we celebrate 25 years of dancing! You will not want to miss it.