Chinese Dance

Minnesota State Fair

Nothing is more “Minnesotan”, than the State Fair. Fond memories of food on a stick, livestock barns, thrilling rides, people watching, huge crowds and exciting shows are naturally associated with the very mention of the “Great Minnesota Get Together”. For the first time, CAAM CDT performed at the state fair. 2 days of thrilling shows. CAAM CDT performed 3 shows each day at the International Bazaar Stage. In total 47dancers performed 12 different dances to the delight of the many people who shared some of their day with us. The shows featured many of our best dances from past outreaches and productions. Our performers spanning a wide range of ages did an outstanding job and entertained the audience. The crowd really enjoyed the interactive elements that were included in the show, drawing the audience into the performance. The Lion was a playful start to the show. Each show ended with a traditional Red Ribbon Parade, including an interactive lesson to anyone in the audience that wanted to participate. This was a big hit with the kids.

Performing at the state fair was a great opportunity for CAAM CDT to share the beauty of Chinese dance with people who may not normally see one of our performances or even know much about it.  Based on crowd reactions, it was clear that the audience enjoyed the varied performances and were amazed by the beauty, grace, color, music and athleticism displayed by our performers.  As an organization, CAAM CDT would like to thank all of the performers for their hard work and dedication at this performance.  We are very fortunate to have a group of performers that represent CAAM CDT so well.

Fair Fun Facts – In 2012, 1,788,512 people attended the state fair.  The first state fair was held in 1859.  The first state fair at the current site was held in 1885.  In the 153 years since the first state fair, only five times has the fair not been held.  Twice during the Civil War, Once due to a conflict with an exposition in Chicago, once at the end of the Second World War and once due to a polio outbreak in 1946.