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The Stacey Hunter Hecht Memorial Fund was founded in 2016 to honor Dr. Hunter Hecht’s extensive contributions and enduring legacy to CAAM Chinese Dance Theater. Associate Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department, Bethel University, Dr. Hunter Hecht was a beloved member of the CAAM CDT family and volunteer extraordinaire for more than a decade. She passed away on December 9, 2015 from breast cancer.

Dr. Hunter Hecht grew up in western Pennsylvania, received her BA from Penn State University and PhD from the University of Minnesota. She then joined the faculty at Bethel University in 1997, where she taught courses in American politics and government and in political theory. She was also a popular panelist on the local public television show, Almanac, and an active member of Como Park Lutheran Church.

After adopting her daughter from China in 2003, CAAM CDT became an essential community-building bridge and tool for learning Chinese culture for Dr. Hunter Hecht’s family. Her interest in China—and other cultures—prompted her to lead student exchange trips to China and Netherlands, to host international students in her home, and to participate in cultural exchange programs for Chinese and Japanese students.


After [joining] CAAM CDT’s board, Stacey took on many leadership roles. According to Bea Rothweiler, CAAM CDT Co-Chair, “Stacey put her heart and soul into every project with an espirit-de-corps we seldom see. Her stamp –in particular, the values she brought to the organization, will be long and lasting.” Stacey’s academic acumen and research talents also benefited CAAM CDT. “When asked to assist with interpretation of themes or background for American audiences in connection with a CAAM CDT production or outreach educational programs, Stacey didn’t just whip up something on the quick,” said Yanhua Wusands, CAAM CDT Co-Chair and Producer. “She researched sources and carefully reviewed cultural meaning and nuances before making thoughtful suggestions. Her cultural facility became an integral part of . . . reach[ing] . . . Euro-American audiences.”
The Stacey Hunter Hecht Memorial Fund is intended not to just honor Dr. Hunter Hecht’s memory but to inspire others to share Chinese culture through the universal language of dance. Please consider making a one time or regular contribution in any amount to the Stacey Hunter Hecht Memorial Fund. Contributions may be made online by clicking the Donate button, below, or by check to CAAM CDT. Donations directly benefit the programs at CAAM Chinese Dance Theater.