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Summer Camps

Postcards from Summer Camp

Note a slideshow from Summer camp will be coming soon!

Summer is still a busy time for many of our dancers at CAAM CDT. In the months of Jun  e and July many of our dancers participated in camps or classes to learn new techniques and new dances. In total 113 students participated in CDT programs this summer. 20 students participated in the CDT day camp at the main studio in June. 26 students participated in CDT day camp at XinXing at Hopkins in July. 51 students participated in summer classes at four different levels at the main studio. We are also pleased to report that 16 Adult students participated in Tai Ji classes taught by Master Jingmei Feng.

Summer Camp/classes are a wonderful time for our students to learn new skills and new dances in a fairly consolidated time frame. Many of the new dances are used in our annual performance and for our outreach program.

Summer Camp is geared for our younger dancers (Ages 6 -12).  This program is designed for elementary and some of our newest intermediate dancers.  The program is effective because of the compacted and progressive nature of the schedule.  In two or three short weeks students learn new dance and tumbling skills.  They also have the chance to learn basic gong fu, which helps in flexibility and control.  The students are exposed to twirling and learn two new dances.  It is amazing to see the rapid growth that is a result of the concentrated training.  Camp is not all about training.  There is also a cultural aspect where the students get to do crafts and calligraphy that help to reinforce appreciation for Chinese Culture.  The other nice thing about camp is that the girls get to spend more time together and enhance those friendships that naturally evolve within classes and those new friendships that are developed in cross class participation and with new students joining CDT.   Our campers are taught by a number of instructors including Teng Loashi, Li Laoshi, Master Jingmei Feng, Stephanie Olsen (twirling) and supported by some of our older students.  At the end of each camp series a small recital is held at the studio where parents are amazed by the growth of the children as they demonstrate all the new things they learned.

Summer Classes are more geared toward our intermediate and advanced students.  In general these are our high school and junior/middle school students.  Much like our camp programs, summer classes is a chance to work on new skills and refine those skills that have already been learned.  It is also a critical time for these students to start focusing in on the dances that will be a part of our annual performance and also our outreach program.  These classes are taught by both Teng Laoshi and Li Loashi.

Adult Tai Ji classes are something new at CAAM CDT.  We are fortunate to have our classes taught by Master Jingmei Feng.   Two classes were conducted this summer.  CDT offered one basic class and a more advanced class that introduced the art of the fan.  A wide variety of adult-learners participated in these classes.