Chinese Dance

Individual Giving

We especially appreciate our volunteer’s efforts to support the organization.  We know it takes a village.  Please consider individual ways that might help us not only maintain but grow our organization:

  1. Contribute personally to CAAM Chinese Dance Theater either with a one time gift or on a monthly/quarterly plan that fits your needs. We will help you tailor an individual/family program and pay monthly by check, your bank account or  PayPal.  You will receive a tax deduction since as a division of Chinese American Association of Minnesota, we are a 501(c)3.
  2. Ask family and friends to participate in our “Sponsor a Dancer” program described in the attached. Note that every year we currently need at least $1,000 per dancer to cover our expenses that aren’t covered by tuition!
  3. Ask your employer about their marketing programs, community programs, volunteer matching programs at your company.  Companies often reward employees for their volunteer efforts and will make a contributions. Companies also may have a foundation that will support activities like CAAM Chinese Dance Theaters’.
  4. Contribute through matching United Way program. Many companies participate in a United Way Campaign each year where you can pledge a donation to CAAM Chinese Dance Theater and we receive matching funds from your company. The contribution is make to our parent organization, Chinese American Association of Minnesota, and then is passed along to CDT.Below are instructions for the United Way program that will allow you to contribute with your employer:


On the United Way Pledge Form:

  • Fill out whatever $$$ you want to donate as before
  • Check the box in the lower right corner before “Specific Care” or “Specific Care Organization”
  • Fill out the percentage (%)  of your pledge you want to give to CAAM (100% is OK!)  Tax-ID Is Important!
  • Fill out the following information about your “Specific Care Organization”:
    • Name: Chinese American Association of Minnesota
    • Tax-ID: 41-0944910
    • Street: P.O. Box 582584
    • City/State/Zip: Minneapolis, MN 55458-2584