Chinese Dance

Volunteer Spotlight – Peter Wang

The following is a brief question and answer with one of the people who help to make CAAM Chinese Dance Theater a reality. The following is a brief interview with Peter
1. Describe your background - I am a first generation immigrant Chinese American. I came from Wuhan. In my day job, I lead a team of design engineers to develop hard disc drives.
2. How long have you been involved with CAAM-CDT? I am pretty new to CAAM CDT as a volunteer. My wife has been a volunteer for many years. Two years ago when my youngest daughter started in CDT, I volunteered as a class coordinator. Last year, I worked on the production show ticket sales. After that I headed up the work for the 20th Anniversary auction. That’s how I got involved with CAAM Chinese Dance Theater.
3. Who else in your family is involved with CAAM-CDT? I have 3 daughters with CDT. They have danced with CDT since the early 2000′s. My wife did most of the volunteer work in the early years.
4. What is your current role with CAAM-CDT? – I was recently elected as the co-chair of the management committee. The Management Committee acts like the Board of Directors for our non-profit organization. We are responsible for budgets, policy and planning for CAAM-CDT.
5. What are your goals with CAAM-CDT? One of my top goals is to learn from existing management members and volunteers in a timely manner and then try to synergize my engineering sense in management coordination to maximize the efficiency of the volunteering time that a lot of us devoted.
6. What is your favorite things about being involved with CAAM-CDT?  As I become more and more involved, I have been amazed by  how many selfless volunteers have been contributing to the organization including long time contributors, as well as new comers.  I have  really enjoyed working with them and we have also become good friends. It has been also encouraging that my two teen girls have become more involved in volunteer work for CDT.
7. I understand you were once a dancer yourself, tell me about that – I used to be in a boarding dance school until 8th grade.  We would have daily dance training/practice in the early morning and afternoon.  Though I have not touched the bar for more than 30 years, the experience helped me in understanding CDT and it’s dancers better, including my children.