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Unlike everybody else who is currently serving on the Management Committee of CAAM CDT, I am the only member who isn’t also a parent. I was introduced to this community by Roz who thought I could lend a marketing hand to the organization. At first, I thought I would help with the 2009 production and that would be that. But gradually, I was pulled into the core of CDT due to the following reasons:

I am very impressed by the dedication to CDT not only from our artistic director, and our students, I am overwhelmed by the passion of parent volunteers My personal journey to re-discover my cultural roots

The MC is working on a few initiatives right now, one of which is launching of our new website. We also hope this new website will provide the platform for us to build a vibrant online community so that each member of our community can easily express your opinions and comments to the MC as well as to each other. Most importantly, we now have a easy tool to SHARE our experiences. So I am going to start my first blog by sharing some images of our first fundraiser which took place on October 1st at the lake home of Kaimay Terry, an ex MC member and active supporter of CDT.