Chinese Dance


CAAM CDT is not just another dance school, it’s a way of life!

-Yanhua Wusands, Dance mom and Production Manager

An amazing dance school that immerses kids in Chinese culture
and dance and turns them into better human beings.

-Maureen Nelson, Dance mom


Nearly every student passing through CAAM Chinese Dance Theater’s doors is transformed in some way. Whether we help them weather a challenging move to a new city, create a space for making lifelong friends, or open the door to new and rewarding careers, CAAM CDT does more than simply teach our students to move.

Meet Annika
-Feeling safe, feeling confident!
“Before I started Chinese dance, my feet turned in and they were loose . . . I hurt myself all the time from falling,” says 11-year old Annika. “Chinese dance helped build my strength, and now I feel safe.” [Read more . . .]
Meet Annie
-Feeling warm and welcome in a cold, snowy stateTen-year old Annie joined CAAM CDT less than two years ago. She was born and raised in a large Chinese-American community in sunny Arcadia, California, so her move to Woodbury, Minnesota, was certainly a culture shock! [Read more . . .]
Meet Echo
-A school matinee at age 2 leads to a life of dance“Girls my age were dressed up like daffodils. I wanted to be a daffodil so bad!” Echo wasn’t even 3 when her parents took her and her daycare class to their first CAAM Chinese Dance Theater school matinee. [Read more . . .]
Meet Professor Wilcox
-A hobby turned avocationCAAM Chinese Dance Theater thinks of itself as a family, and for the Wilcoxes of North St. Paul, that’s literally so. Sisters Claire and Lynn have attended CAAM Chinese Dance Theater since they were very young. [Read more . . .]